1. If you agree to the quick cash payout offered by pushy insurance companies, you are closing off the opportunity to get your vehicle repaired fairly.
  2. 1. You will have to handle the claim settlement, disposal or repair of the vehicle yourself. You have to be prepared to lose your time and money.
  3. 2. n case of damage settled from the perpetrator’s liability insurance, you have the right to repair the vehicle to the value it had before the damage.
  4. 3. While your vehicle is repaired in the workshop, you are entitled to receive a replacement vehicle. This way you don’t have to change your work and family plans and commitments. You save time and money.
  5. 4. No matter if you live near a subway, a train or if you use your vehicle for commuting to work or for training, the insurer's liability allows you to rent a replacement vehicle – the law is on your side, use it.

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